Comparing the Results from Faecal Microbiome Transplantation (Fmt) and Gut Flora Replacement Therapy (Gfrt) using 16s Mrna Microbiome Mapping

Corresponding author: Julian N Kenyon, The Dove Clinic, Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1NT, England.

International Journal of Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports – ISSN 2692-5877


We compared the results from 10 randomly chosen FMT patients and 10 randomly chosen patients using GFRT. We used 16S mRNA microbiome mapping on all of these patients. We identified that GFRT is just as effective as FMT, a great deal safer and is a necessary step to protect patients from catching COVID-19.

We have previously used FMT, this is well researched and there has been significant success in difficult to treat conditions.  With the advent of the pandemic, we had to reconsider our use of donor derived laboratory processed implants because of the potential transmission of COVID-19 from exposure to such implants.

What we also noted is that the now standard use of measurements in sewage water waste by water authorities, measuring the levels of COVID-19 in the sewage effluent has proven to be a reliable indicator of the prevalence of local outbreaks and indeed, this level of COVID-19 in the sewage effluent predates the onset of an outbreak of COVID-19 locally.

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